Dedicated Server – Best and fully Featured Server

A Dedicated Server is a dominant computer that is mainly used as a network server. A dedicated server is referred to as exclusive as well as rental uses of computers consist of the Connection of Internet, Web Server, and Relevant Software and established in the Web Hosting Company’s premises. The server can most of the time, be arranged and worked remotely from the customer organization. Usually, the cheapest dedicated server is required for Website, Web Applications and for Games purpose because that platform must handle bulk hitting a day. The use of the cheapest dedicated server saves the Internet, Router, Network Administration cost and Security System in their premises claims Web Hosting Companies.

Every e-commerce business knows the value of a website. And Dedicated Server allows you to maintain full authority on your own server and uploading files to the server. Thus, you are likewise permitted to the admin access to the server where you have the entire bandwidth and space on the server. Moreover, you can increase your website as much you want. There are lots of companies who offer Dedicated Servers.

The thing is the growth of your site relies upon the expansion of your business. If the business expands, you will definitely need an additional hosting storage then it’s time to decide the option of dedicated server. These days, mostly every Web Hosting Company is referring Dedicated Server because it is a favorable Web Hosting option that forbids various problems of security of the site.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

Several factors can affect your decision while selecting a dedicated server among many. The following are some advantages of the Dedicated Server.

24/7 Support & High-Level Security

Security isn’t at all a problem of a Dedicated Server. Selecting the best and dedicated server hosting provider ensures maximum uptime to your website. For low medium traffic, Shared Hosting is often best. In case your website obtains a lot of traffic then the dedicated servers provide extra reliability and stability than Shared Hosting. Dedicated Server enlarges security for companies for handling delicate transactions over SSL & FTP.

Storage Space

The projects that require huge files to be readily available to store n-number of website pages videos, images,

and files. Dedicated server has incredible huge storage space; our servers have 1 Gbps assured bandwidth which is best for huge projects.

Control Panel/ WHM (Web Host Manager)

From your server, you can easily manage your shared account from a web browser with cPanel or WHM (Web Host Manager). If you manage one or more websites or servers our cPanels are useful and user-friendly which helps you to customize your web hosting needs. With these many useful features, cPanel and WHM have become famous among web hosting sellers.

Greater Access Control

We provide Root Access to the server. The greater control of the software and hardware with access on the device, it is not possible if data & resources have been being shared by exclusive customers. You will be configuring the server and resources as you want.

If you want the best speed, security, superior support, and Dedicated Server Hosting solution, contact us at YouGet Host today and we will discuss the best web hosting solution for you.